“I worked with Colleen while trying to get pregnant (which happened after my first visit with her), for pregnancy support throughout my entire first pregnancy, to help get me into labor and avoid an induction (had my baby the day after I saw her), as well as post-partum—and I could not be happier with my experience. I was having a tough time during my second pregnancy—but everything improved once I restarted acupuncture with Colleen! Colleen is warm, energetic, and makes me feel at ease. I love that she includes massage into our sessions. I leave our visits feeling calm and relaxed, yet energized.  I highly recommend Colleen if you are seeking acupuncture—you will be glad you saw her!”



“Colleen Gibson has had one of the biggest positive impacts in my life.  Finding acupuncture and Colleen has helped me negotiate my health both mentally and physically. I'm very thankful for all the aspects of care Colleen provides in her practice. She has certainly been a big part in my bodies durability for my demanding fire fighting career.”



“As a night shift nurse, the stress of the job and the night schedule wreaks havoc on my body. I had several issues coming in to see Colleen, ranging from digestive issues, anxiety in my personal life, fatigue and muscle aches. After the first couple of treatments I began to feel better, and now, 8 months later, I can confidently say I feel MUCH better. This winter I noticed my immune system was stronger, I have been more energized, my moods were improved, and my body feels stronger. Colleen is very intelligent, she explains everything thoroughly, is a great listener, and she truly helps optimize your body. I can't thank her enough.”



“I went to see Colleen because I was concerned about not delivering on time and the potential ‘induction-epidural-C section-etc’ scenario. I received 2 session with Colleen who was so nurturing and gentle. She was even willing to see me on the weekend since my due date was rapidly approaching. However, there was no need because after my second session with Colleen, my water broke at the doctor's office and I delivered a healthy baby girl! Not only do I believe acupuncture helped move along things but Colleen's suggestions were also extremely helpful and encouraging. Can't wait to go back and see Colleen for baby #2!”



“Colleen is absolutely awesome in comparision to other acupuncture experiences that I have had. She is totally present and giving of her time in a way that feels really supportive of what is needed at any particular moment. Additionally, she is able to provide information with regard to what she sees is occuring, allowing for the connection, progression, and guidance between visits. Furthermore, Colleen's use of acupuncture, massage, and craniosacral therapy during an appointment seems to be a perfect combination of techniques. By using these additional techniques, I think a deeper integration of change occurs than could take place with acupuncture alone. This seems to prepare the body to accept the change in energy and to transition that change back into ones daily life. I highly recommend Colleen for her skills as an acupuncturist, for the information that she is able to provide, and for the integrative techniques that she employs. I have no doubt that she will offer you a positive, supportive experience.”



“I initially came to Colleen with extreme health issues I had been battling for years. From depression and anxiety to erratic and often painful menstrual cycles-- there was never a shortage for her to work on. Thanks to Colleen's diligent work I noticed a huge improvement in all areas within one month of weekly treatments, and now almost a year later I've continued my weekly sessions and can still feel the positive impact she has had on my overall well-being. She is a natural care taker with a delightful spirit and she never fails to surprise me with a new treatment style each week. I feel elated and relieved during and after every appointment!”