Prenatal & Postpartum Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a gentle and nurturing therapy for relieving many of the uncomfortable symptoms that can arise during pregnancy. Women can receive acupuncture starting in their first trimester and throughout their pregnancy to deal with pain, relieve physical or mental discomfort, and to optimize health and wellness for themselves and their growing baby.


Some Great Reasons For Getting Prenatal Acupuncture:

  • Statistically it has been found that many women who receive regular prenatal acupuncture, especially in the last several weeks, have shorter, more efficient labors.

  • Build up your energy reserves for the marathon of birth and parenting that lies ahead.

  • Support the health of your own body, so it can best support the health of your growing baby (especially with multiples).

  • Have a chance to relax safely and fully support on our specially designed "belly hole" table

  • Take time for yourself... you're growing another person - you deserve it!