Mission Statement

To provide healing with gentle hands, listening with a compassionate heart and empowerment through non-judgmental conversation and education.

Core Values


Consistency & Flexibility

Healing can take place when one is allowed to talk and feel listened to, as well as when one is on the table with needles and resting. There is consistency in knowing that every appointment will include both of these elements. Flexibility allows for more of one or the other depending on what is most needed on a particular day.



Working towards better health is a team effort. I hold myself accountable to being fully present with each patient, listen to understand and to use my knowledge and skills to best meet each patient's needs. At the same time I hold my patients accountable for taking an active role in supporting their own health and working to make conscious lifestyle choices.


Safe Environment

I hold a non-judgmental space where people can come to find relief from physical and emotional pain, learn about themselves and their health, experience a sense of connection and self-awareness, and to have time just for themselves.



I believe that to be an effective healer one must also be a teacher. Therefore, I strive to educate my patients during each appointment, the general public through presentations, and my family and friends through how I live my life.



It has been said that simply the act of smiling produces a cascade of health-promoting benefits throughout the body. I deeply value and respect the healing and relationship building benefits of sharing laughter with others. As a result I could do nothing less than incorporate this free and boundless gift into every treatment that I give.